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About AlipesNews
AlipesNews keeps you updated on financial news the split-second they break
Until now, instant news has only been available through high-level financial software packages priced at thousands of dollars per month. We believe that news should be available to everyone immediately, which is why AlipesNews requires no downloads and is available at a very attractive price. Along with streaming news, AlipesNews uses cutting edge technology – text mining – to turn corporate announcements into actionable knowledge, which means you can trade on the news flow like the pros!
Beta testing
AlipesNews is now doing open beta testing. This means that anyone can use AlipesNews, but that we are still working on some parts of the functionality. We do this to get valuable user input and fix any potential bugs before the official launch. Sign up to become a beta user here.
Text mining enables computers to read and understand text. While the providers of the software packages serving the professional financial community have thousands of journalists on their payrolls, AlipesNews automatically and instantly extracts the key information from earnings releases, dividend announcements and guidance changes. This not only reduces cost significantly, which is why we can offer AlipesNews at such a low price, but also means that key information is available on AlipesNews before anywhere else.
AlipesNews is brought to you by Alipes Capital ApS, a financial technology company founded in 2008. Our team consists of people with backgrounds in software engineering, the financial markets and academia. We are working day and night to make AlipesNews the best online news software available.
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