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IT Researches Announces the Opening of its New Office in Yerevan
PR Newswire

YEREVAN, Armenia, May 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

IT Researches is pleased to announce the official opening of its new office in Yerevan, the firm's 96th office outside UK and the first to be opened in Armenia. The firm made the strategic decision to open an office in Yerevan to deepen its long-running relationships with local companies and to tap into the country's rapid economic development.

"In addition to adding a new office to our network, we are delighted to be expanding in the Armenian market which, in our opinion, represents significant opportunities for growth. We will be providing the expertise, knowledge and integrated solutions our clients need to meet their growth ambitions. We look forward to supporting Armenia and its business community in realizing its huge potential," said Robert Pollard, IT Researches Branch Officer.

IT Researches ltd is an information technology company & International computer research center offering a wide variety of 'AI Powered™' IT services for companies, researchers, developers and individuals worldwide. It was founded in the UK and is based in London with its centers situated in different countries around the world.

We deliver software systems to help our customers solve problems that defy traditional approaches. We specialize in artificial intelligence products and solutions for...

Education & Training

Planning & Scheduling

Decision Support

Knowledge Management & Discovery

Computer Security & Reliability

Our software development, implementation, and technology transfer services ensure the successful deployment of effective, long-term solutions.

IT Researches AI Services can help with the design, review and implementation of your contemplated AI system

Implementing AI and expert systems can be a fairly significant undertaking, and is usually at the heart of the system value proposition itself. By utilizing members of our team that are working with a broad set of algorithms and approaches on a daily basis, the time and costs associated with your project can be greatly reduced. We can even just review and provide written analysis of your project status, in addition to optionally building and integrating. Systems can be stand-alone PC-based or fully web-based. Hosted, local or embedded.

We can quickly determine which type of AI technology is most appropriate for your application. There are many different types of AI technologies - Classifier Systems, Genetic Algorithms, Bayesian Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Natural Language Processing and Understanding, path-finding, neural networks, and even statistical and analytics-based rules systems. Our approach is to design the system that meets your needs best. Often times, this will involve more than one best of breed approach.

IT Researches also announced the highly discounted sale of Microsoft Software Products Licenses (From 60% to 90% OFF) to Armenian Companies and neighbor countries including Georgia and Iran to eligible IT Companies who have less than 1 Million $ income.

Interested companies can fill the quote form here:

IT Researches LLC

IT Researches LTD

Armenia, 0010, Yerevan, Amiryan St., 1 Building, # 306


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