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HPM to Set up a New Plant in Rajasthan, India
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NEW DELHI, January 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

HPM Chemicals & Fertilizers Limited is a pioneer basic technical manufacturer and formulator in crop protection segment. While the existing plant is serving the pan India requirement of crop protection products, the company is motivated to invest for extending its production capacity of 6000 MTA to serve the global farmers for sustainable agriculture practices with advanced technology. The manufacturing conglomerate is now in process of extending its new plant in RIICO Industrial Area of Khushkhera, Rajasthan, India that is expected to be operational from March 2018. The new plant will help in producing next generation insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and PGR (Plant Growth Regulators). HPM is also in a venture of another independent facility for Mancozeb and other dithiocarbamates to meet the domestic and global needs and in process to develop few new combinations based on these technologies.

While protecting plant, HPM is also conscious about plant nutritional products and hence they have come up with new generation slow release fertilizers as a specialty segment to its brand business. HPM Product basket includes bio-fertilizers; bio-enzymes based formulation, mixture of amino acids and cytokines formulated in advanced technology for efficacious result. This specialty array of products gives additional support to the farmers when used with other crop-protection chemicals. The Plant Growth Regulators (PGR) of HPM empowered with beneficial enzymes has made healthier crops possible irrespective of the weather and soil conditions.

Mr. Ashok Aggarwal, Chairman, HPM Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. emphasized, "When a farmer yields excellent crop by using HPM products, we feel that we are fulfilling our motto of 'Yielding Prosperity'. Since our inception, four decades back, we have continuously strived to put the farmer first and have worked with them to know their needs and requirements. We have been able to bring out products by adhering to strict quality checks and have been delivering products to international markets with the vision of global integrated agricultural practices and innovations. With the setting up of a new additional plant in Rajasthan, we will be stepping into the next generation of farming and hope to excel in the agro-chemical industry, both in India as well as in the international market."

HPM believes in cross-cultural agronomical practices. Hence, HPM always tries to support farming communities sharing the best & profitable farming practices for any crop for overall growth of the economy. HPM believes farmer literacy can support the overall growth of any society. Thus, HPM encourage farmers to use new generation crop protection technologies to save the society and meeting the global food requirement with minimum use of safe chemicals.

HPM has been a winner of several awards and it has revolutionized the agro-chemical industry by providing the best solutions to various farming needs. It has a wide range of products under its portfolio and few more products planned in the pipeline in its new plant in Rajasthan, which will help the farmer in yielding safe and superior crops. Securing the interests of the farmers has been its core aim and it has helped subsequent generations to sustain farmlands and grow better nutritious crops.  

As the saying goes "when a farmer prospers, a nation prospers," and HPM Chemicals & Fertilizers have ensured that the saying remains true forever! Also, with its new plant coming up in Rajasthan, HPM has consolidated its position as the foremost leader in the agro-chemical industry. HPM is already serving few parts of the world among 22 countries and targeting to introduce the new products in more regulated market.

About HPM:

Being pioneer in the crop protection and crop nutrition industry, HPM has taken an oath to help in consistent growth among farming communities through healthy nutritious crops by working in close coordination with the farmers and has been able to meet the challenges by implementing bio-chemical engineering in their products. With innovation at their core, the company has launched many products both in the domestic and international market. Be it their technologically advanced crop nutrition products or the crop protection products, HPM has provided yeoman service in the crop protection and crop nutrition sector.

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